Will Sony make the PS5 in a slimmer version?

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The Sony PlayStation 5 is one of the best-selling game consoles of all time. Sony is under pressure to make more consoles because of the high demand around the world. However, many people are wondering when the PS5 slim will come out or even if Sony will make a slim version of the console.

History of Slim

Sony has always made a slimmer version of the original PlayStation since the first one came out. The first console to look less bulky and cost less was the PS One, and this trend has continued up to the current console.

Due to the price of the console, fans often wait until the slim version comes out. They look better than the original, and a lot of people buy them.

When the slim version comes out, it often gives the console another sales boost, and a lot of games are usually released around the time the slim version comes out and sold in bundle packs.

With the PS5, will Sony make one?

Sony will probably make a slimmer version, but we don’t know when. Because Sony hasn’t said much about when the slim version will come out, some bookmakers have been giving new customers the best betting offers so they can bet on when it will come out.

Since the digital version is already out, gamers have already seen that the parts are better, the design is smaller, and it weighs a lot less.

Why does Sony do it?

Sony comes out with a thinner PlayStation because technology has gotten better. With the PS5 coming out in November 2020, parts of the console have changed, so they can make the necessary changes.

Fans will also have a better chance of being able to buy the console. The PS5 was first sold for £449, but the slimmer version is usually around £100 cheaper now that Sony has met the demand for more expensive parts when it first came out.

Sony’s main goal with its products is to make them lighter, and the PS5 slim is expected to lose a lot of weight. Since the PS5 is a big console, it would be a huge help.

Does anyone know when?

As has been said, Sony hasn’t said anything official about the PS5 slim, but they have been putting a lot of effort into the digital version along with the main disc console.

But the PS slims have always come out 3 years after the original PS, so this is probably what will happen with the PS5.

Since the PS5 is pushing the limits of graphics and smooth playback, it is not surprising that there is a wait for the slim version. Technology has to move forward, too. Since the PS5 is still less than 2 years old, fans who want a smoother-looking console at a lower price will have to wait a bit longer.

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