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Kyrie Irving and Marlene Wilkerson now have a child.

Marlene told everyone the good news by posting a video on her YouTube channel, “The Find Guru,” in which she welcomed a baby and showed clips from her home birth.

The 11-minute video, called “Our Pregnancy Journey,” showed a montage of events that led up to the natural birth. In the video that shows the couple welcoming their child in a bathtub, we see Kyrie Irving comforting Marlene.

What’s Marlene Wilkerson’s name? Bio

Marlene Wilkerson was born on August 18, 1993, when Leo was the astrological sign.

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We don’t know much about Marlene’s family, but we do know that her mother is named Alaine Lee Lugo.

Marlene went to San Jacinto High School so she could get a good education. After that, she went to California State University in Dominguez Hills and got a bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2015.

marlene wikerson


Marlene talks about how she started her own business when she was 20 or 21 in one of her YouTube videos.

In the video, she talked about how she started and ran a clothing line from scratch with no money and no experience (she apparently depended on her mum financially).

Now, she keeps up her businesswoman and model profiles on Instagram. “The Find,” her brand, has come a long way and is doing well right now.

Her online profiles

Marlene has a big social media presence. She has over 407K followers on Instagram, where she posts and promotes under the name @goldennn xo.
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She also runs a YouTube channel called “The Find Guru,” where she posts vlogs and tutorials about fashion, fitness, and makeup, among other things.

“Hi, YouTube! I grew up in Los Angeles and want to share my favourite tips and tricks for curly hair. I’ll also give you some of my own beauty tips, fashion advice, and workout plans.”

She has set up different sections on her YouTube channel to make it easier for people to find what they want.
For example, she has put all of her workout and diet videos in a section called “How I Stay Fit.” Her business videos are in “Business Videos,” and her hairstyling videos are in “Hair Videos.”

Her YouTube channel has more than 773K subscribers and has been watched more than 46 million times.

marlene wikerson

Marlene Wilkerson How I Feel About Kyrie Irving

Marlene and Kyrie have been together for a while. But they have been able to keep the details of their relationship quiet.

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Some people even thought the couple had broken up because they hadn’t heard from them in a while. That is, until the video of the baby’s birth.

The video showed the couple having loving moments together and showed what went on behind the scenes of their marriage. They had a son who was born to them naturally.

“A dedication to indigenous women to reclaim their bodies and heal our lineage through sacred natural birth,” it says at the end of the video. May you find your way to that knowing inside you. May we teach, empower, and help each other on the sacred journey of becoming and being a mother.”

Kyrie is not a first-time dad. In 2015, he had a daughter named Azurie Elizabeth. Kyrie posted on Instagram in November 2015 that his daughter had been born. He also said that he had named his daughter after his late mother.


He posted a photo of himself holding Azurie with the caption:

“Azurie Elizabeth Irving was born on November 23, 2015, after her great mother worked for 35 hours to give birth to her. She brought a light into my life that I never thought was possible. I love you so much, and the first time I felt your heart beat against mine, it made my heart grow. Mommy, I gave her your name because I know you will bless her and our family the way you blessed me. I love you.”

marlene wikerson

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