Top 5 Best Battlefy Alternatives In 2022

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Battlefy is a platform for running esports competitions. It is good at building online communities and making money from their rapid growth. By adding the platform and dashboard to their own apps, users can improve the viewing experience for their audience.

Scheduling, team roster management, tournament formatting, automatic bracket years, matchmaking, and integrations with platforms for spectators to watch, like Twitch and Steam APIs.

Organizers can use the platform to create and run tournaments with custom rules, registration pages, and skill-based brackets. They can also offer brackets and leaderboards that are specific to each tournament. In general, Battlefy is a great platform that you should consider using instead.

Top 5 Best Battlefy Alternatives In 2022

You can learn about alternatives to Battlefy by reading this article; the relevant details are shown below:

1. Toornament

Toornament is an online platform for running Esports tournaments. It can be used by any company or person who wants to run online events, leagues, or competitions. Using this method, you can get rid of your Excel worksheets, spreadsheets, and other products that don’t work together.

Toornament is an interactive and visual platform that lets you take care of all the needs for your event. Some of these things are Event registration and payment, Teams, Players, and Ranking, Game bracket and schedule, Volunteer recruitment, interacting on social media, News, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

As you know, there are millions of people around the world who play online games like League of Legends or Counter-Strike. Some of them are really good or have a lot of free time. Also, look at software for making mobile apps.

Even if you can plan a game tournament with just a pen and paper, it can be hard to keep everything organized and easy to find during the tournament. Because of this, Toornament was made.

2. Digitell

Digitell is a digital platform for live streaming and virtual events. It offers services to the industry for live streaming and events. Since then, BroadcastMed has bought Digitell. The platform is made so that people who go to events can have a real and a virtual experience.

This is another way to use battlefy. It is a one-stop shop for both real-world and online events, like conferences, trade shows, e-learning programs, custom video content, corporate training, and more.

With the Digitell app, you can have live video events with any kind of content, like video, audio, photos, documents, and web pages.

Users can make live streams quickly by sending files and links through email. After the event is set up, users can invite anyone from anywhere in the world. They can send messages and files, manage the people who are taking part, and talk to them.

It lets you watch or listen to an event live and in real time, so anyone can participate from a distance. You can respond and give your thoughts, comments, and suggestions while your friends are doing something. You can even view your pals.


JAATRE is a digital platform for events that helps people connect and find new things at live events. The software makes it easy for people who plan conferences, workshops, hackathons, festivals, and other large events to create, publish, and sell tickets. They can also easily spread the word about their events.

The Explore section helps people find new events in their area and nearby cities by suggesting events to them based on how often they’ve been to events in the past and what they’re interested in.

Users can also find groups in their area that share their interests based on their profile information, such as age, gender, and surface events.

The Connect module helps users meet the right people by letting them send each other private messages before an event, build a personal profile, and look for matches with other attendees. You can make events with JAATRE and promote them online. Work with experts in event management to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. This is another way to use battlefy.

Get feedback from participants and keep an eye on your team members. Set up a meeting in just a few minutes,

After the event is over, you can stay in touch with the people who came and manage the daily tasks of your team members from the dashboard.

4. Social27

With the AI-driven Social27 platform, you can take part in, plan, and pay for virtual events with real-time interaction without having to pay for expensive physical infrastructure. Each event will take an hour of your time, during which you can see how it works and learn how it can help you connect with your audience and make user-generated content.

This is another way to use battlefy. The best thing about it is that you can work from home if you don’t want to go to the office. Users of Social27 have a lot of ways to plan conferences and other events and reach more people.

When you set up a conference, you have to come up with a hashtag that will be used as a label for it.

The content that people talk about and post with this hashtag will then be shown in a stream that updates in real time.

5. MobaManager

In the multiplayer e-sports management game MobaManager, users can build their own team in a made-up place, hire players, and train them to become champions.

Players can join leagues and tournaments, earn coins, move up in levels, and get access to new things. In this game, you can make a team and choose everything about it, like the coach, players, budget, and marketing.

Getting your e-sports team ready to compete in the League, There is a large and active e-sports community to interact with, as well as fans, organizations, and clubs that compete with each other. There are also global e-sports tournaments where you can compete not only for glory, but also for money and fame. Adding e-sports players, coaches, and managers to your team will help your company grow.

Overall, MobaManager is a great platform that you might want to use instead of it.

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