Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix Christmas Movie Obviously Includes a ‘Mean Girls’ Reference

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Fans are beyond ecstatic that Lindsay Lohan will soon be making her way back onto their televisions. Fans with keen eyes have noticed that there is a connection between the upcoming holiday film Falling For Christmas on Netflix and Lindsay Lohan’s groundbreaking film Mean Girls. The actress is expected to star in the film.

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Falling for Christmas’ references ‘Mean Girls’

According to information provided by IMDb, the plot of Falling For Christmas revolves around “a young and newly engaged heiress who encounters a skiing mishap.” She was diagnosed with amnesia, and as a result, she ended up in the care of the charming lodge owner and his daughter.

Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, and Olivia Perez co-star with Lohan in the role of the heiress. Lohan plays the role alongside the heiress. Lohan not only acted in the film but also produced it under her own production company, Falling For Christmas. It is the first film that the actor has agreed to produce for Netflix as part of a three-film arrangement.

The trailer was released earlier this month, and fans were thrilled to see Lohan making her acting comeback, as well as a brief nod to the film Mean Girls.

The song “Jingle Bell Rock” can be heard playing at various points during the teaser, which depicts comical sequences of Lohan struggling to restore her memory by engaging in “regular” activities. Fans of Lohan are aware that one of the star’s most recognizable turns in front of the camera is a performance of a Christmas song in the film Mean Girls.

Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix Christmas Movie Obviously Includes a ‘Mean Girls’ Reference

Lindsay Lohan says ‘acting is like riding a bicycle’

The prospect of Lohan’s return to the acting world excites her just as much. The actress described Falling For Christmas as “a refreshing, wonderful romantic comedy” in an interview with Netflix.

Lohan stated that she “really misses doing those kinds of movies.” “I haven’t gotten to do that much in a lot of my films, so all of the stunt scenes in this movie were a lot of joy for me,” the actor said.

Since her performance in The Canyons in 2013, which was her last major part, Lohan appears in the film Falling For Christmas. Since then, she has been in supporting roles in films such as Among the Shadows and Till Human Voices Wake Us.

In addition, Lohan launched nightclubs in the Greek islands of Mykonos and Rhodes. In the reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, broadcast on MTV, she chronicled the process of getting her enterprises off the ground and going.

Acting, according to Lohan, is “just like riding a bicycle,” despite the fact that it had been over ten years since she had starred in a film. She made this statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I just can’t help it. Lohan went on to say that “it’s a part of me.” “Being able to share a narrative with people, whether by acting in films or portraying a role, is something that provides me a great deal of delight. It is such a gift to be able to bring other folks along on this trip with me.

What else is Lindsay Lohan working on for Netflix?

In addition, Lohan hinted to some of the other projects she is working on with Netflix, adding that she is “having a lovely time” collaborating with the streaming giant and trying to figure out where their cooperation will go from here.

Her upcoming film for Netflix is going to be titled Irish Wish. In the film, Lindsay Lohan plays the role of Maddie, a woman who goes to Ireland in order to be a bridesmaid for her best friend’s wedding. What’s the catch? Maddie’s best friend is getting married to the man she has known to be the love of her life.

Maddie wakes up as the bride-to-be after making a wish that she might be the one being married and having her desire granted. But as the big day draws near, Maddie begins to suspect that her true love might not be the person she had always believed he was.

The holiday-themed film Falling For Christmas is scheduled to make its debut on Netflix on November 10.

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