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Recent months have seen the introduction of a brand-new function to the Google search engine. Users are able to look for interesting information without having to switch between several search engines. When a user searches for “fun facts” or “i’m feeling curious,” the newly added functionality is presented in the search results. The technique consists of an interactive box that provides both the most common queries asked on Google as well as the answer to those inquiries.

In addition, the user has the option of browsing the database by selecting either the “Ask a question” or “Another inquiry” button. Each response is accompanied by a linked link that can be utilised to locate further information regarding the subject matter.

What is “I’m Feeling Curious”?

This is a brief summary of the I’m feeling interested function that Andrew Ng built for Google. It is an application that gives you the ability to find articles or information on a specific topic that you might find interesting. It will do this by utilizing a wide number of filters, performing algorithmic searches, and providing you with lists of keywords to choose from.

For instance, the “I’m Feeling Curious” application developed by Andrew Ng enables users to conduct Google searches for “interesting stuff” related to any topic or problem of their choosing. It makes it possible for you to locate relevant articles or articles about anything, rather than just generic websites on the subject. This is just one illustration: You can use this tool to identify fascinating articles that are associated with statistics or intriguing information that is associated with software upgrades. You might be interested in finding engaging material about artificial intelligence (AI) and all of the individuals who work in it, or about cybersecurity and privacy concerns that are relevant to your firm.

I’m Feeling Curious about Google’s common signs list

They are always listening without judgment

When we gaze at one another, we have a propensity to exaggerate and create assumptions about them. Curious individuals, on the other hand, are immune to the influence of covert agendas. They are more likely to be open, interested, and open to the perspectives of others. They also attempt to comprehend the opinions of others. without caring about the outcome in any way.

They’re always present:

People, that have a strong interest in something always do? they should put away their phones and pay attention to the talk. Do you recognize what I’m showing you? Cooking supper together with the people you care about while having meaningful conversations looks like this. When you try to do too many things at once, you run into problems. When you multitask, you have to think about several different things at the same time. This ensures that you don’t miss out on a subject that is gaining more attention. Curious people, on the other hand, are consistent in their behavior and can maintain their attention on a single topic; this is what sets them apart from others.

They’re always on the lookout for a new and exciting experience

Many of us have mixed feelings about being in partnerships that are full of surprises. When we are confronted with a large number of unexpected events, it has the potential to make us anxious; nevertheless, when we do not experience enough of them, we experience boredom and loss of interest. When everything is in order, we are able to rest more. On the other hand, when they are not here, we experience the greatest sense of calm.

They don’t let their past hinder their progress:

Every person has their own set of experiences, some of which are great and some of which are terrible. When we talk about our thoughts, there are often two aspects that we cover. Are you curious on gaining more information regarding them? one who has recently gained new experiences, as well as one who has previously had said experiences. Because of the close connection that exists between the two of these events, it is impossible for either one to take place in isolation from the other.

They will always be in error

There are a lot of reasons why firms, and especially managers, should encourage an attitude of curiosity among their employees. Groups that are interested, or that feel like I’m interested, in something consistently look at a broader variety of opportunities for innovation in product marketing, promotion, and techniques, as well as solutions for tackling issues. A group that feels that their approach is the “correct” way will operate in the exact opposite manner.

They aren’t afraid to say they don’t know something

Because I’m always looking for new information and like to do so through conversational means, you may blame my insatiable curiosity on that. When I asked a question, they did not hesitate to admit that they did not know the answer and did not pretend otherwise. It is of far greater importance for them to carry out research as opposed to appearing intelligent.

What is the process?

If you go to Google and input “I’m feeling interested” or “interesting facts,” you will be presented with a screen full of random information, each of which will provide a response to a question that was posed within the box. For instance, the question could be something along the lines of “How many dots are there on the golf ball?” What is the total number of dots that are found on a golf ball? In addition to this, it will supply you with a link to the website in case you would want to go there in order to acquire additional information.

In addition to that, it displays an orange “ask another question” button below the question and encourages visitors to click on it till they are ready to discover more interesting information.

Why Is Curiosity Important for Success?

People that are curious have a greater capacity for creativity and are more likely to experiment with new ideas to further their careers. They are able to steer clear of confirmation bias, which is the tendency to ignore evidence that runs counter to one’s ideas. It is more likely that we will remember something new if we are able to be exposed to it and use it in the world that is around us. Therefore, an inquisitive mind is absolutely necessary for the development of any company. This post will discuss some of the benefits that come from being curious while working.

When it comes to being successful in the corporate world, maintaining an inquisitive mindset is one of the most important qualities to have. It has been established that a high level of curiosity can enhance the profitability of a business, and a high degree of engagement can boost productivity. Both of these benefits are derived from the employee’s desire to learn more. We are going to look at different ways that you can increase the amount of interest you have in this topic. In addition to that, we are going to investigate a number of scenarios in which your natural sense of wonder might serve as an asset to you on your path to achievement.


The phrase “I’m feeling interested” is without a doubt one of the most successful Google strategies. It was extremely well received when it was first introduced, and it continues to be on trend even in the present day. Even up to this day, there are a lot of videos on YouTube that feature the method.

It helps millions of individuals all across the world avoid getting bored while also allowing them to learn new things along the road. It does this by drawing data from a massive store of information and then utilizing that data to point individuals in the direction of fresh sources of information.

It’s possible that Google will keep refining the algorithm and modifying it in order to better assist users in overcoming information gaps.

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