How old is Goku in the first four Dragon Ball sagas?

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There are many seasons of anime about Goku, and the first one is called “Dragon Ball.” Since it’s where Goku’s story begins, it’s a good place to start when trying to figure out how old Goku is.

Since it’s the beginning of the journey and the first season in the series, the author might not have known it would be such a huge hit. So, the plot was not very tight in this season, and IMDB’s website has a list of several factual mistakes and other mistakes in this season of Dragon Ball.

This is one reason why the answer to the question “How old is Goku in Dragon Ball?” could be different. Because in some places, it was said that Goku was 14 years old. In another part of the same show, they said Goku was 11 years old (although they tried to give a reason to create some sense of the slip).

First, let’s say that Goku just turned 11 years old (using the value that they later corrected). Then we’ll answer the question of how old Goku is in Dragon Ball as the series goes on. There are 9 stories in this Dragon Ball set.

First, let’s go over the sagas and figure out how long Goku could have spent in each one. This is just a guess, and we need to group some things together to make the math easier. We will group the events that took less than a few days together and give a rough estimate in weeks.

In Emperor Pilaf Saga, how old is Goku:

Goku meets different people and saves or helps them. Some of them are his enemies for a short time, but they stay on his side for the rest of Dragon Ball (total time taken is roughly 2-3weeks).

At the end, there is a big scene with Emperor Pilaf, who is a real enemy ( a few days in this last encounter).So, Goku is around 11 years and 3 weeks old.

In the 21st World Martial Art Competition Saga, how old is Goku:

Goku stays at his house for two or three days and then goes to Master Roshi’s island (1-3days). Goku and Krilin try to do what Master Roshi wants (3-10days).

Then they train for a few days, and then for the next eight months, they train for the tournament and do other chores. Goku’s skills are put to the test in a competition (1-4days). So Goku is 11Y,10M,1D old.

In Red Ribbon Army Saga, how old is Goku:

Dragon Ball was stolen, Emperor Pilaf took the ball, the Red Ribbon Army was after it, Colonel Silver, the robot and plane met, Miss Snow, Muscle Tower, Major, and Android 8 were involved, and the story went on (total 1-2 week).

Bulma told Goku about West City, but when he goes to a park there, he runs into trouble (total roughly 1week). At the end of the Red Ribbon Army Saga, Goku is close to 11 years, 10 months, and 3 days old.

In the General Blue Saga, how old is Goku:

Heading to an Island (2-4 days), Going to Master Roshi (1-3 days), Submarine Maneuvers (2-3 days), General Blue Attack. The hideout and the fight between Goku and Blue (two to three days), going to see Master Roshi (two to four days), chasing after Blue (one to three days), and Senbei trying his hand at the radar (one to four days).

Blue waits in ambush for two to three days, and with the help of another character, he builds a new radar (1-2week). Goku is about 11,11,3 (years, months, days) old at this point in Dragon Ball. Just one week until I turn 12 years old. This estimate is, of course, based on the original idea that Goku was 11 years old at the start of the story.

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