What are Email Protection Tools?

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Email security shouldn’t be taken for granted. A lot of people work from home, and many of them use email to talk to each other. Malware, scams, stolen passwords, stolen devices, and phishing can all happen when you use email.

If you don’t have email protection tools that work, you could be giving attackers an easy way into your resources and sensitive information. The IT market is getting full of email protection programmes that all claim to be good.

How to keep your email safe

Email security refers to the rules and procedures that are put in place to protect sensitive emails and keep malware attacks from happening. Together with technologies like Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, encryption and certificates can be used to protect email servers. Attackers often send fake messages to get people to click on links, open attachments, or give away private information.

A business should use an enterprise email security solution to protect itself from BEC attacks, APTs, ATOs, malware, phishing, and more. Fraud protection, gateway security, and user training are also important parts of email security. Instead of just relying on firewalls, you could hire a professional who knows how to keep things safe.

Policies on security

Email is still an important part of doing business in the 21st century. When looking for software for your business, you should think about how safe it is. In addition to thinking about it, you need to make rules about how to deal with the flow of information in your organisation. One of the best rules is about how to look at the content of an email. To know what to do, you need to know what’s in the email messages that flow through your servers.

After putting these rules in place, you can set up different email security policies. If the policies help find security problems, your organisation must know how big the threat is and what to do about it. This could help figure out how much damage the attack did.

Tools for security

Installing a secure email gateway in the cloud or at a business should make email more secure. This should offer multiple layers of protection against malicious and unwanted messages and also ensure business continuity.

The security controls should give the security teams confidence that they can protect users from threats. The goal is to keep communication going well between employees and between the organisation and outsiders.

Using an email encryption solution could lower the chances of losing data, breaking company rules, or breaking the law. No matter how big your business is, this kind of solution can work. The goal is to protect sensitive data while making it available to legitimate users, such as business partners and affiliates.

Common ways to protect email

Now that you know how to protect your email, let’s look at the best tools you can use for your business.

SunWinds Identity Monitor

SolarWinds Identity Monitor is a tool for protecting email that is both flexible and complete. Its features combine real usefulness, sophistication, and range to provide the best email security possible. This tool has a good interface that makes it easy to use. It can grow with your business, is flexible, and can keep running without losing value.

This tool has the following features:

sending out alerts in case any data is lost or stolen
Keeping an eye out for signs of exposure in email domains
Changing passwords to make sure they can’t be broken.
With SolarWinds Identity Monitor, you can make a list of domains to keep an eye on and view it as a table. You will also see when the domain was found last and how many records are connected to it. It will also be easy to do things with domains on a page, edit entries, and change how visible columns are. If there is a leak, the tool will tell you right away so you can do things like change your passwords and look at your recent logins.

Proofpoint email protection

Proofpoint has many IT security products, such as Security Awareness Training, Advanced Threat Protection, Information Protection, and Cloud App Security. This tool works well because it sets up multiple layers of security. This makes it hard for malware to get into your emails.

The Proofpoint email protection programme keeps track of all the parts of incoming and outgoing emails and finds threats before they do damage. It also keeps private data and information from being accessed or shared by people who shouldn’t be able to. This is a great way to set up firewall rules, antivirus policies, and filtering policies that work well. The protection programme uses things like when a user sends a lot of email to improve how well it can spot threats.

Barracuda Total Email Protection

Barracuda Total Email Protection is a set of tools for protecting your email. The tool is easy to use and comes with basic security features like encryption, blocking spam, email filtering, and archiving. The Barracuda bundle is a one-stop solution that makes evaluation and due diligence easier after a purchase, so you don’t have to add other products.

The Barracuda Sentinel is one of the things that come in this package. This uses the idea of artificial intelligence to find advanced threats like phishing attacks and account takeovers. The Barracuda PhishLine is another product in this bundle. It offers training on how to protect your email through a simulation platform. With this tool, you can learn how to spot email threats on different devices, even ones that aren’t email gateways.

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor (SAM)

SAM helps keep an eye on emails and is also a key part of the monitoring process as a whole. This tool works well because it puts all the monitoring of emails into one dashboard. This makes it easier to keep an eye on things and make sure they are safe.

SAM comes with a built-in Exchange server monitoring feature that can give you a lot of information about patterns of behaviour that could lead to poor performance. The information includes how well emails were sent using the IMAP4, MAPI, and POP3 protocols and how long it took to send and receive emails. With SAM, you can keep an eye on your email servers and see what’s going on in the best web clients.


To protect the integrity of the information sent through emails, the best email protection solutions use multiple layers. This is because there are so many attacks in the digital world today. With the above email protection tools, criminals and hackers won’t be able to get into your network.

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