Deer Lady is a character from the film ‘Reservation Dogs’, played by Kaniehtiio Horn.

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Who is Kaniehtiio Horn?

Kaniehtiio Horn is a Canadian actress who has appeared in numerous film and television productions. She is best known for her role as the deer lady in the TV series ‘Reservation Dogs’.

Born and raised in Canada, Horn began her acting career in 2002 with a small role in the film ‘The Stolen’. She has since appeared in a number of films and television shows, including ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’, ‘Supernatural’, and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’.

In addition to her work on screen, Horn is also a talented singer and songwriter. She has released two albums, ‘Tales from the Great White North’ and ‘Songs from the 7th Fire’.

Kaniehtiio Horn is a talented and versatile actress who has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces in Canadian entertainment. With her impressive body of work, she is sure to continue entertaining audiences for many years to come.

Kaniehtiio Horn On Social Media!!

Kaniehtiio Horn has an active social media presence, and you can follow her on Twitter (@Kaniehtiio) and Instagram (@Kaniehtiio).

What’s Next For Kaniehtiio Horn?

Kaniehtiio Horn is currently starring in the new TV series ‘Reservation Dogs’, which is set to premiere on CBC in 2019. She is also set to appear in the upcoming film ‘The Who Was? Show’, which is slated for release in 2020.

We’re excited to see what Kaniehtiio Horn does next!

Kaniehtiio Horn

Kaniehtiio Horn

Kaniehtiio Horn

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