Brightburn 2 Is Set to Be Released in 2022, With a Release Date Confirmed

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Brightburn is a 2019 superhero film that was written and produced in the United States by Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn, and it was directed by David Yarovesky. James Gunn and Kenneth Huang served as producers, and Sony Pictures Releasing was the company that handled the film’s distribution.

The movie had a budget of anywhere between $6 and 12 million, but it still managed to earn $32.9 million at the box office. Following the accomplishments of Brightburn, it was decided that spectators would also be able to take pleasure in Brightburn 2, which is currently in production. The second installment of the Brightburn series will also be a horror film, just like its predecessor. The sequel to Brightburn will be a superhero movie.

Brightburn 2 Release Date

Even though it has been established without a reasonable doubt that Brightburn 2 will be made available to the public, the particular day on which it will be shown in theaters has not yet been established. The reason for this is that James Gunn, who will be producing Brightburn 2, is also now working on the production of The Suicide Squad. Once he has finished with that project, he will be able to devote his whole attention to Brightburn 2, which he will produce. On the other hand, it is anticipated that Brightburn 2 will be made available for purchase sometime around the middle of 2022.

Brightburn 2 Plot

Although the precise storyline of Brightburn 2 is not yet completely understood, some details have been gleaned from the credit view with the assistance of clips. In Brightburn 2, it is anticipated that Brandon will be seen using his powers to engage in activities that are harmful to others.

According to the information gathered from various sources, Brandon would be seen not only damaging the structures but also murdering a significant number of people. The movie is a complete departure from the typical Superman fare. As soon as the movie’s trailer is out, the entire storyline of the film will be easily understood.

By dissecting the plot of Brightburn, one can make educated guesses on the direction that Brightburn 2 will take. Brandon Breyer, who is the son of an alien named Bright and a human woman, was the protagonist of the previous movie in this series. In the beginning of the film, we see him as a typical little boy who goes to school and is frequently tormented by other students. At the same time, he is portrayed as having a strong bond with his father, Hal.

Brandon learns about his superpower as he gets older and begins to put it to use in order to protect himself and exact revenge on people who abused him when he was younger. In spite of the fact that he was unaware of his alien origin in the past, he finds out about it later and starts to question his humanity as a result.

He then comes to the conclusion that he does not want to be a human anymore, and he rejects his human nature. He then begins to terrorize his village and even makes plans for the destruction of the entire world. It is extremely likely that Brightburn 2 will continue the story from where its predecessor left off.

Brightburn 2 Cast

Abraham Clinkscales will play the part of Royce in Brightburn 2, Elizabeth Banks will portray Tori Breyer, Jennifer Holland will play the role of Ms. Espenschied, and Jackson A. Dunn will play the role of Brandon Breyer. In addition, Meredith Hagner will play the character of Merilee McNichol, David Denman will play the role of Kyle Breyer, and finally, Matt Jones will play the role of Noah McNichol in the show.

Brightburn 2: Trailer

The preview for Brightburn 2 is not yet available to the public. After the official announcement of the Brightburn 2 trailer, this section will be updated with the new information.

Brightburn 2 Additional Information

In an interview with Collider, Rarovesky stated that there are references to the future Brightburn 2 in the film’s credits. In addition, it is being said that if the Brightburn world has to be expanded in later installments, then the expansion will be done in complete secret, and then a cinematic teaser will be released. This is something that is being appreciated.

Back in June of 2019, James Gunn provided the confirmation that there will be a Brightburn 2. However, later in his career, he became occupied with writing and directing films such as The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3.

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