Atom Uniacke’s father is disqualified as boss of company after failing to pay £ 200,000 tax.

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Uniacke is a partner of Rosamund Pike, who is a Hollywood actress. He has disqualified from his position in company for failing to pay about £200,000 taxes. Robbie Uniacke was a director of the company and father of two “Gone Girl” stars.

There are many counts of felony criminal mischief on him. However, he has been disqualified for four years after failing to produce £200,000 tax for the taxman.

Actually, he is 18 years older than his partner Pike, who has worked in new film Entebbe, which is about the rescue of hostages by Israeli special forces in Uganda in 1976.

It hits the British cinemas. She started her career as an actress in 2002 when he was 23 years old. The actress appeared in the Bond film Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan. Later, she showed her essence of acting skill with Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck.

After being found guilty of many criminal mischief, he has been banned for years from his designation in the company. Actually, he was a director in the company but could not satisfied with his performance, he did not pay nearly £200000 tax to the taxman.

The company disqualified him when his partner’s film was going to release in the UK. Former director has two children and he is 18 years older than his current girlfriend. His partner Pike got her education from a private badminton school, Wadham College and Oxford University. She said, I started to observe him when he had closed his three companies in 2008.

Pike said, I was attracted to him because of his attractive personality, actually he was a very interesting person I have ever seen in my life. Her choice, provided her a pathway toward her career because the former director helped her financially to go forward in her acting career.

Rosamund Pike

Once she said, it was my good luck to have such a genius and educated partner. My ability to judge and imagine is stronger than therefore I find him a perfect partner. Mr. Uniacke’s Pale Fire Limited, that was an IT consultancy firm was declared as bankrupt and dissolved in 2016.

According to the liquidator’s report, there was withdrawn more than £133000 from the account. Her Eaton-educated partner has disqualified from his designation that could be a great embarrassment for his wife. Pike was spending her time with her children Solo and Atom right now and her new films are ready to release.

According to the report the merchant who has not income and assets, but he offered of £25000 that was accepted by the liquidators.

It was a complete and final settlement of the account overdraft by a third party and this disqualification process made him obliged to set up and sign a inappropriate conduct schedule.

Robie Uniacke said, I could not make sure the firm would fulfill legal responsibilities. The couple is sharing a home with their children Solo and Atom in Islington, North London.

Despite of the great game and property, the life of Pike is still suffering and struggling. Simon was her first love and they separated when he started to sex with her.

Then she engaged with the director Joe Wright and he surprised her by sending a ‘save the date’ card. In this way their relationship was ended. Her first experience of love with Simon Wood was not good, their relationship was ended after two years when she came to know he was a gay.

Her relationship with Robie Uniacke was very complex. Uniacke married with Emma Howard, who was the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle.

They married in 1983, when Emma Howard was just 22 year old. The couple was sharing a son and both were addicted of heroin. Later he married with interior designer Rose Batstone and they had three children.

Rosamund Pike

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