5+ Best Cannabis delivery apps for Android and iOS users

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At a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32% between 2018 and 2028, the market for legally produced cannabis is projected to reach $197.74 billion. The growth of the market, which has been driven primarily by two factors – the expanding use of cannabis in medical applications and the legalization of cannabis – has increased to the point where the number of market players, in addition to the number of consumers, is on the rise.

Because of the industry’s rapidly expanding consumer base, an increasing number of well-known companies and individual businesspeople are beginning to invest in cannabis delivery apps. These kinds of apps are increasingly extensively used for ordering marijuana or obtaining reliable information regarding marijuana. These apps are also assisting consumers all over the world in selecting the appropriate manner of ingestion and locating dispensaries in their respective areas.

Favorites from Our Team

In this article, we have made the decision to provide a rundown of some of the very best cannabis delivery applications that are currently available for usage on iOS and Android-based mobile devices. The popularity of these apps, the ratings they have received from users, and the features they offer were used to narrow the field. You will also discover download buttons within each app, which, when clicked, will take you directly to the app’s page where it can be downloaded.

The best applications for the delivery of cannabis that are now dominating the industry

We’ve compiled a list of the best cannabis delivery apps and highlighted some of the most notable aspects of each one below. You are able to rapidly navigate through the history of each app and download the one that best suits your needs.


1. PotBot

Patients who aren’t sure which types of medical marijuana strains would be most beneficial to them might use PotBot, which is considered to be one of the best apps currently available in this category. The application can provide assistance in selecting appropriate intake types and strains for the patient’s particular health issues.

This cannabis software makes use of an algorithm that bases its recommendations on science and research in order to provide the patient with appropriate options. The major purpose is to give them something that will instantly eliminate all of their symptoms so that this can be checked off the list.

It is the only app available at this time that has the capability of advising users on the appropriate level of CBD for them as well as the intake manner that would be most effective for them. Additionally, the app is useful for locating dispensaries in the surrounding area.

2. Leafly

The Leafly app is the most useful resource for gathering information regarding cannabis. The software acts as a comprehensive database that allows users to search for reviews and filter results based on different sorts of stores, menu items, and prices.

One of the most popular cannabis apps for the iPhone makes certain that licensed producers, retailers who have been granted licenses by their respective governments, and retailers who have been granted licenses by their respective provinces are all included on the platform and in the app.

3. Eaze: Cannabis Delivery

Eaze is widely considered to be one of the greatest applications for the delivery of medicinal cannabis because of its ability to connect independent, licenced cannabis businesses with verified authorised users. The app has earned a reputation for offering delivery services in areas where they are legal and doing so in full accordance with all applicable federal, state, and municipal legislation.

Users may easily make an order for marijuana delivery services and even monitor the status of their order up until the point at which it is delivered. This well-liked software for cannabis also gives you the ability to keep up with the most recent news and events in the cannabis sector. Using this marijuana delivery app, Eaze, you may earn credit for yourself by referring a friend to the service.

4. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is regarded as one of the most reliable cannabis delivery apps currently available. Using this marijuana app, you will be able to locate nearby cannabis stores, check offers, order delivery, and identify doctors in the area. Users of this, one of the top weed apps, will be able to get knowledge about hash and remain current on the most recent developments in the cannabis industry as well as cannabis culture.

5. Caliva

Another app that brings weed to your home, Caliva is a cannabis delivery service that operates in California. The knowledgeable staff at Caliva is responsible for the cultivation of well-known strains, the production of delectable goods, and the punctual delivery of all of these items. You are able to monitor the progress of your order and recommend the app to your friends as well. You may accumulate points, make savings, and check your account balance on this, one of the top cannabis apps, so you can keep track of how close you are getting to the next reward.

6. Kushy

Using the Kushy app, you are able to look up local dispensaries and place orders for cannabis and CBD goods. One of the greatest cannabis apps available for the iPhone, this application not only helps you locate reputable shops but also assesses them on a scale of one to five stars. The app keeps you informed about the most recent discount deals and limited-time specials that are available from your preferred dispensary. Using this, one of the finest cannabis apps, you will not only be able to receive real-time updates on the status of your purchase, but you will also be able to monitor your driver’s progress on the map.

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